A History of Royal Food and Feasting

While I will am a medievalist at heart, I find the history of food fascinating.  So, from time to time, there might be the occassional ‘foodie’ blog post uploaded too.

I have always been curious about all aspects of history, especially when they relate to lived experiences.  However, since March 2016, I have been involved with the creation and development of a Massive Open Online Course (or ‘MOOC’ for short) called ‘A History of Royal Food and Feasting‘, and this has sparked my curiosity into the history of food.

The MOOC – a collaboration between the University of Reading’s History and Food Science, and Historic Royal Palaces – takes learners through the dining experinces of five British monarchs to reveal the luxury of contemporary eating habits, and the exciting new products that were beginning to find their way onto the dinner table.

My own input into the MOOC is rather ‘behind the scenes’ – researching, creating content, and mentoring during the course run.  So, for a better overview about the course why not see the video below, presented by Prof. Kate Williams.

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