CALL FOR PAPERS. The Maladies, Miracles and Medicine of the Middle Ages, II.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of my first conference ‘The Maladies, Miracles and Medicine of the Middle Ages‘ at the Graudate Centre for Medieval Studies (GCMS).  Organising a two-day, international conference was both challenging and a great expereince, and I had always hoped to make the conference the first of a series.

Four years on and I am pleased to announce that the second ‘Maladies, Miracles and Medicine’ conference for postgraduate and early-career researchers will be held in March 2018.  I will be organising, and hosting, this conference alongside fellow GCMS-er Frances Cook.  I hope this will be the second conference of what will become a four-yearly tradition, but I guess time will tell on that front!

For now though, please take a look at our CFP (below) and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you are interested in participating.


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